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About Sparklet Engineers

We Sparklet Engineers Group of Companies are a fast growing organization catering to the OIL, GAS, POWER Exploration Sector established since 2000.

Sparklet began with the development and manufactures of Oil Field Equipment ranging from Wireline to Pressure Handling Equipments and have successfully designed and supplied Well Testing Equipments, Early Production Facility (EPF), Oil Collection Station (OCS), Gas Gathering Station Equipment (GGS), Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids (FGCS), Cementing Equipments, Mud Engineering Equipments.

Sparklet excels in providing a total solution in the services above by trying to meet complete Equipment requirements. The Organization has evolved because of its choice to get involved with Clients out of the ordinary requirements at times and design and manufacture specifically to Customers needs and satisfaction.


Continual Improvement of Sparklet capabilities to serve our clients better in the oil & gas exploration business.


To become a recognized name in the oil and exploration industry on a worldwide basis for equipment supplied.


Ensure the effective growth of the employees with the strategic success of the company.